Video production was always fascinating to me. Like everyone else, I enjoyed movies from a young age, but there was something inside me, something urging me to get behind the camera myself and create videos that I could be proud to call my own. Little by little, the urge grew stronger, pushing me to learn about videography, paying close attention to the videos that I watched so that I could figure out what resonated with me most. Although I did not know it fully at the time, I was sharpening an artistic sense that I would in time translate into a career, accruing skills that I would come to utilize day in and day out.

Five years ago, I made the leap. That was 2014, and I knew that the time was right. I had learned a lot about videography during my studies, and I felt ready to put my knowledge into practice. Creating wedding videos, I committed myself to enshrining my clients’ special days, helping them to commemorate the moments that meant so much to them. I saw quickly that the work I was doing meant a great deal to the people that I served, which filled me with immense pride.

Today, I have built a reputation for myself as a wedding videographer who takes the time to understand each wedding. I understand how important all the details are, recognizing that there are no “small” details and that in an instant, a feeling can flash by, a feeling that is worth preserving for all time. Although I bring a modern, high-energy style to all my work, I allow the wedding to direct me for the most part, following the tone and the day’s story as they play out. Trusting all my clients to choose their own music so that they play an active role in the production process, I want my couples to form a strong emotional attachment to the finished product.

Based in Albany, I have traveled all over the area, going wherever my clients need me to go. I have developed a sharp intuition for wedding videography so that my work stands out from the work that other videographers in the area offer. To me, wedding videography is an art in and of itself, and it is an art that I take seriously. I strive for quality in all aspects of my videos, from the picture quality to the frame composition to the lighting to the editing. If you are looking for something attractive and different, you have come to the right place.

I always take into account my clients’ thoughts and opinions. This is, after all, a video for you. Maintaining a positive attitude at all times, I think of myself as easy to work with, and naturally social, I enjoy meeting new people. Weddings are, in a way, the places that I feel most at ease, the joy and the vibrancy of the event inspiring and energizing me.

Sincerely Mike.